Beyond Organic TV

Beyond Organic TV
Jordan Rubin has a show that can be seen on the TBN network called Beyond Organic TV. He will typically offer his new book “Live Beyond Organic” as a free offer at the end of the show just for watching Beyond Organic TV. Simply go to to download the book. Or you can go here as well:

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  1. Rev. Alex Akomaning says:

    Greetings, I am pastor Alex Akomaning, a Ghanaian living in Kumasi and I just watch your program on the television. I will like to have some of your books which will help me and my church members as well as the community in which I live. I enjoyed very much as you talked about your story as your mum taught you. Please tell me more about yourself and your ministry. Please how can you send me the books?

    My post box is : P.O Box 3436, Kumaasi, Ghana, West Africa. You can also reach me on :00233-268-303-544. Thanks and be bless as I await to hear from you. alex

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